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Mark of the Faire
The Kell Stone Prophecy
Book Three

by Dana Trantham

Fenn Foster does not know who he is...
But he knows who he is not. He is not a bairn of prophecy, not destined for murder and destruction. Still, at every turn he is compelled toward the kell stone. When he finds it, will he relinquish it to the wissenry who only want it kept from the beast folk? Or will he do what is right, and cast his homeland into ruin?

Leah Hallowsing knows exactly who she is...

She is not at all the young woman who left her homeland, the Great West and Ruhm. She is not the naive girl who blushed under the steady gaze of Lord Kirche and wanted only to please him. No. She is the daughter of wissendes...and a pawn in their secret underground of heresy.

But has she discovered the truth too late to save her father from Lord Kirche’s wrath? And when she faces Kirche once again...will she spare his life?

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The Kell Stone Prophecy
Complete Trilogy

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Bookish Meets Boy
A Downtown Divas Romance
by Dianna Dann

Six months after being dumped by the love of her life, Sophie Childers just wants to go back to her old life. She was happy spending her days at her grandfather’s shop, Bookish, and her nights curled up with her cats and a good book.

But once Reese Fuller stumbles into her life—or she tumbles into his—she is suddenly caught up in the social life, brunching with the Downtown Divas (the boss girls she never considered friendship material before), playing matchmaker to nerds, starting up The Great Antiques War of Historic Downtown Strawbridge and worse, desperately trying to find homes for her darling colony of stray cats before Reese chases them off with his new-store renovations.

Can a cross-genre kind of girl really let herself fall for a cat-hating thriller reader?

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Story Runners: Awakening
by Dana Trantham

A world shattered into an untold number of pieces.
One young man with the will to put it all back together...and the power to destroy it.

With his father facing death at the hands of the power-hungry Nefraim Wolff, and his mother in hiding, Zander Joran lives sequestered on earth--the fate of many young story runners. Their memories have been erased; their heritage is unknown to them. Their true names are forbidden.

When Alex discovers the passage in the woods behind his uncle's house, he is swept from his home in Sawgrass Lakes to another world
--a world whose inhabitants believe him to a hero, one who can help them fight the heirs of Shadyn who keep them enslaved.

But Alex discovers he is more than a mere hero. He is part of a fragmented world, member of an elite ancestry who can run from fragment to fragment, and one of the rare few who can carry magic. Alex must choose between returning home to safety--hiding as his parents would wish--and retaking his name, sparking a revolution, and defeating the heirs of Shadyn.

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Freethought Florida Conference
Exhibitors Hall
November 6-8, 2015
Orlando, FL


Meet the Authors Book Fair
during the Eau Gallie Fine Arts Festival
November 21 & 22, 2015
Melbourne, FL


Amelia Island Book Festival
"Readers' Extravaganza" Author Exhibit Hall
February 20, 2016
Amelia Island, FL


Space Coast Nerd Fest
April 16-18, 2016
Rialto Hilton
Melbourne, FL


Three of our titles have been named finalists in the
2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards

Always Magnolia
by Dianna Dann
in the women's fiction category

Wayward Cat Finds a Home
by Dana Trantham
in the children's chapter book category

by Dianna Dann
in the short story category
(Dive will be included in a collection in the future)

Winners will be announced at the
Florida Writers Association conference in October


Two of our titles received honors in the
2015 Eric Hoffer Award
for Independent Books

Honorable Mention
in the children's category

Wayward Cat Finds a Home
by Dana Trantham
illustrated by Brandi Trantham

Category Finalist

Always Magnolia
by Dianna Dann